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Feel free to ask any further question if you have trouble understanding the code. [[Utilisateur:Mmenal|Manuel Menal]] ([[Discussion utilisateur:Mmenal|discussion]]) 4 avril 2012 à 22:00 (CEST)
:Counting quotes would be easy with the layout you describe. You would need to just change the existing code and replace the part where it looks for {{m|citation}} with a lookup for '*', and edit the quote parsing function to remove the textes enclosed by {{m|NDR}} and ().
:The thing is, I've had a look at different it.wq articles, and it seems to me that many articles do not really follow this layout. [[:it:Philip Levine]] has two-line quotes with the first line beginning with a '*' and the second line beginning with a ':'. [[:it:Marino Freschi]] has incipits, which are quotes (AIUI), but do not begin with a '*'. [[:it: Seabury Quinn]] has quotes which do not begin with a '*'.
:You'd also need to remove the text in the ''Bibliografia'' sections (which also begin with '*' but aren't quotes) and in the ''Alti progetti'' or ''Note'' sections. One would have to list all these sections names to exclude them.
:So: in theory, it's quite simple. But it might be a lot more difficult than it seems, because as you do not use a quote template, identifying quotes can be a bit hard. [[Utilisateur:Mmenal|Manuel Menal]] ([[Discussion utilisateur:Mmenal|discussion]]) 5 avril 2012 à 17:06 (CEST)
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