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= Janvier 2014 =
== [[Module:Citation du jour]] ==
(Sorry for writing in English)
Following my work on [[:it:Modulo:Qotd]] and [[:en:Module:QoD]], I've created this Lua module to make easier to mantain lists of "quotes of the day". It also handles automatic categorization, and features auto-detection of the selected month using the page title, alongside with some internationalization. I've already tested it on [{{fullurl:Spécial:Pages liées/Module:Citation du jour|namespace=4}} some pages] and it seems to work fairly well. I propose to stop substituting [[Modèle:Citations du mois]] and simply transclude it into [[:Catégorie:Citations du mois|all these month subpages]], thus reducing page sizes dramatically.
It would also be helpful if someone could write some French documentation at [[Module:Citation du jour/Documentation]], using English comments I have put in the code. Thanks in advance! --<span style="font-variant:small-caps">[[User:Ricordisamoa|<span style="color:#004B70">Ricordi</span>]][[User talk:Ricordisamoa|<span style="color:#00703E">samoa</span>]]</span> 7 janvier 2014 à 15:04 (CET)