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I am kowiki user, and majoring in medicine. I mainly edit pages about medicine at kowiki. As SMWT, I am using SWViewer to find out and revert vandalism and spam of small wikis, commons, wikidata, kowiki, and enwiki mainly. Nice to meet you!

Here is my user page of kowiki: w:ko:사용자:LR0725. When you want to say something to me, you can use my meta talk page, or, here is my user talk page of kowiki: w:ko:사용자토론:LR0725. Or you can contact me at Discord. I am at English Wikipedia Discord channel.

I can understand English and Japanese, but as I am not so good at Japanese, I can sometimes reply with English when you asked with Japanese. Trying to learn more. Thank you!

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